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A digital download of Dan’s father, Ron Price’s, book, The Complete Leader. The Complete Leader can be read front to back, but every chapter is a quick ten-minute lesson on whatever issue or obstacle you are facing that day. Dan highly recommends this book for any professional who wants to challenge themselves.


The #70KCEO T-Shirt—Purpose Over Profit. This navy crew neck is a flawless blend of three quality fabrics along with unbelievable softness. Shirt is available in Small, Medium, Large, or Extra-Large. Men’s sizing only. If you pre-order now you can get this shirt for just $10.*

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The Force of Gravity (Pre-order)

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The Force of Gravity (Pre-order) 

Expected release date: Mid–Late 2017 Spring 2019 (Due to unforeseen publishing delays)

The exclusive, uncensored story behind the man with a history of breaking rules and making bold moves, on his mission to change the way business is done.

Widely known for making headlines around the world for slashing his salary and setting a $70K minimum wage at his company, Dan Price has a history of breaking the rules, challenging perceptions, and doing what he feels is right. From his unique beginning in rural Idaho as a home schooler, to touring in his high school rock band, to being honored by President Obama, Dan's story is an entertaining saga of one entrepreneur's mission to change the world.

“Love is a rational force that can overwhelm the old rules of business to create a new and better economic reality.”


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